Pet Shop Productions does audio and video… really, really well. We are a team of experienced, creative and award winning directors, producers composers and engineers. If it’s audio and video we can figure it out… and then take it to the next level. After all, we love what we do. We’ll treat your campaign, video, show or score like it’s our own pet project.

The Pet Shop was founded in 2002 with one goal; To make every piece of work a pet project. Love every job and nurture it into the best it can be. That philosophy has grown a very diverse (and very fun) portfolio. Now dan and his team love their work more than ever.

A syndicated extreme sports radio feature, scoring and mixing several TV shows, Voice directing and directing many Ads, videos and even a TV Christmas special. So what do all these have in common? It’s all about entertaining an audience with a well branded message. From advertising (Toyota, ING Direct, Mattel, Encana, Sunlight and Unilever to name a few), to Television (CBC, CMT, Vision TV, ESPN), the Pet Shop Kids have developed a deep understanding for the creation and production of great media.

Likes kittens, directing and cuddles. Dan does his own stunts.

Dan Turcotte Director/Executive Producer

C 416-895-4489 · W 416-658-4489

Wrangles clients, crew and cats with ease. Likes her whisky neat and her jeep on the rocks.

Ruth Wylie Head of Production/Editor

In terms of sound wizardry, Finlay is a 7th level Audio Mage.

Finlay Braithwaite Studio Manager

U2, Rush. Yeah, he’s worked with EVERYBODY… and he skateboards.

John “Wheels” Hurlbut Senior Audio Engineer